Can my child wear goggles in lessons?

Can my child wear goggles in their lesson?

The subject of goggles can be a very contentious issue but here at Just Add Water Swim School we are very clear about what we prefer.

We discourage use of goggles in the very early stages of learning to swim in line with the STA / ASA Swimming Forum guidelines.  See document here.  In essence we want to make sure that your child is confident and happy when getting their faces splashed and be able to put their face under water calmly and confidently before the introduction of goggles. This is to make sure that they will not have unnecessary need to panic should they find themselves without them.  Also wearing goggles can be dangerous especially if not put on correctly.    Swimmers should only be allowed to wear goggles when they are able to put them on and adjust them themselves.    Teachers will not be responsible for putting on goggles.

Swimmers who constantly take goggles off and on again during a lesson cause unnecessary disruption and will be asked to remove them altogether.

However goggles are positively encouraged for improver swimmers to enable focussed work on stroke development.


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