Aqua Bumps with Aqua Sensory®

AquaBumps at Just Add Water incorporating Aqua Sensory® and Birthlight Aqua Yoga

The more time I spend researching and digging deeper into the world of Aqua Sensory® for our little babies for their water time, the more I realise that the principles of tuning into yourself and your surroundings apply to all of us.

When I lead classes of grown ups in their aqua exercise and we use the various bits of children’s equipment and play games – the more I see them relax and rediscover their inner child, having fun and losing themselves in the moment.

And so it seems to me that everyone, of all ages, needs a bit of ME time.  Time to slow down and FEEL – not necessarily DO; LISTEN not just HEAR; RELAX and just BE……..

There is not a more important time to tune into what your body needs that when you are pregnant and our pre-natal Aqua Bumps swim and Aqua Yoga classes are recommended by midwives as they help to prepare your mind and body for birth and recovery.  They are a unique combination of gentle cardio, yoga stretches and breathing/floating exercises.

Suitable for all stages of pregnancy and fitness levels as the water provides a safe and comfortable medium to exercise in. The classes can offer a relief from a variety of conditions like back ache, pelvic girdle pain and the relaxation exercises gives you a deep connection with your bump.

Our sessions are infused with our Aqua Sensory® ethos and Birthlight® Aqua Yoga techniques, offering an exciting new way to tune into your mind, body and soul sensory channels. Designed to relax and revitalise you during every stage… pre-natal. They are fun and supportive where you can make friends and bond together on your parent journey.

Incorporating aqua yoga techniques, Aqua Bumps offers the benefits of stretch, relaxation and deep breathing with buoyancy and water resistance. It is accessible to all irrespective of fitness, previous yoga experience or swimming competence.

Birthlight Aqua Yoga

Aqua Sensory®

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