Fun Swim Week – end of term activities

Play is the work of the childOnce again, end of term has come around and we are looking forward to our final week Fun Swim Week which we know all of our swimmers really enjoy 🙂  – the opportunity to swim and play in the water with their grown ups and siblings.   We encourage family swimming all year round anyway – but this is an extra special opportunity for families to swim and play together.

So for every swimming lesson in this final week of term, its fun all the way.

Why do we build in so much play into our lessons? And why do we encourage this ‘Free Play’ style of swimming at least once per term?

The value of play in incredibly important and we know that play is an essential activity of early childhood as it conmtributes to the cgnitvie, social and emotional development of the child.

        Play is the Work of the Child.

A time for our swimmers to relax and enjoy the water without the structure of the lesson and without the activities being adult lead. A time for them to lead the activities being supported by their adult if required. To show off what they have learned.

Without fail, every time we do this we see swimmers who push themselves further, to try to do something they thought they could not …  to have a go.  And more often than not we see beams of pride at what they CAN do – and more importantly, that they ENJOYED the doing of it!

We invite you to join us ………..



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