Milborne School year 3’s


What an amazing and, frankly, brilliant and heartwarming start.

Last week we held our initial assessment session of the new cohort of Milborne School year 3’s for their school swimming lessons – and this week our first lesson proper.  Of course all went really well and already we are seeing improvement in the confidence and ability of some of the swimmers.

However the thing that has impressed me the most about the years 3’s is the encouragement they are showing to each other. Not everyone is a natural swimmer and where an individual has shown courage in attempting something they initially had a concern about, the rest of the year group are so suppportive and encouraging – it is such a treat to hear and see.

… and the thing that is so impressive is that it is not out of place to them or unusual or forced …..  Mrs Pratt (class teacher) does not nudge them into their encouragement, nor do the swimming teachers or parent helpers.    No indeed, the individuals in year 3 do this all by themselves – almost as if supporting each other in endeavours is as natural to them as breathing.

There is not a hint of those that could swim being anything other than supportive to those that cannot yet.

‘It takes a village to raise a child’  says an Africa proverb and although it has been a long time since my son was at Milborne School, Milborne village and the school are clearly doing a good job. For those of you that have your children at the school now – especially parents of the year 3’s – you should be very proud of your children for their positive and supportive attitude towards each other  – and be delighted and pleased that your village school is clearly setting an excellent example for them.

Thank you Mrs Hunt, Mrs Pratt and all the team at Milborne School for encouraging and helping to develop such brilliant behaviours.


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