Sound the Octo Alert!

We had lots of fun and games this week with the launch of our new Octonauts reward badges and certificates.  They went down an absolute storm ‘…B had so much fun and had not realised how much she had learnt over the weeks. She is very pleased with her badge- a great lesson, thanks!’

These new Octonauts branded swimming awards are primarily for children aged 2-7 years and they focus on six of the most popular Octonauts characters, including Captain Barnacles and Kwazii. Each award is centred on the character’s individual personality and we will use them multiple-times to reward children for specific single achievements and milestones.

For example with Captain Barnacles, who is known for being brave, we will reward learners for being ‘brave’ i.e. the first time they jump in the water or dive in at the deep end. The skills list for each award is endless and is not age restrictive, making them a great way to keep our learners of all swimming levels motivated.

‘Explore, Rescue, Protect’ underpins the TV show, and we hope that our learners will have fun exploring the water – by being brave or cool or clever like their favourite Octonauts”

The six awards in the series, which are supported by colourful Octonauts branded certificates and badges, are:

  1. I’m Brave like Captain Barnacles
  2. I’m an Explorer like Kwazii
  3. I’m Cool like Peso
  4. I’m Talented like Dashi
  5. I’m Clever like Shellington
  6. I’m Good like Tweak



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