Towards the end of last year we were able to share our latest water therapy with some very special people and it was a resounding success.

What is AquaStretch™?

AquaStretch™ is a hands-on, holistic, myofascial release technique using buoyancy and weighted resistance. It is a clinically proven, ground-breaking technique that can quickly restore flexibility lost after an accident or surgery.  It can significantly and immediately reduce chronic pain, create profound relaxation, improve sleep or be used in athletic conditioning to reduce training time and improve performance.

Assisted Stretching

Unlike many treatments, in AquaStretch™ you are not passive, but you are participating in your own experience and treatment.  You need to allow your body to move intuitively, in whichever way you feel would assist your stretch.

AquaStretch™ works on the whole body, however, unlike many treatments, it targets your connective tissue which works as the glue that connects as well as separates, everything within the body.  These connective tissues (known a fascia) can get tight and knotted like muscles and needs to be released.

How are massage and AquaStretch™ different?

Massage focuses on the muscles, AquaStretch™ focused on the fascia. In the “tissue sandwich”, massage moves fascial adhesions in circles from vertical pressure, AquaStretch™ stretches horizontally. AquaStretch™ is generally more effective than massage (and OMT), and lasts 3 to 4 times longer.

Why does AquaStretch ™ work?

  • In water, you can stretch into positions not possible, and hold stretches much longer, than on land
  • In water muscles float, allowing you to identify and stretch fascial restrictions more effectively
  • AquaStretch accents the body’s natural “stretch reflex”, that itself is freer and more dynamic without gravity

What can AquaStretch™ help with?

  1. Lower back, neck, joint or muscle pain (including arthritis, headaches, fibromyalgia)
  2. Idiopathic pain or nerve dysfunction (i.e. ovarian pain, plantar fasciitis)
  3. Soft tissue prep, for synergy with massage, chiropractic, and cranial work
  4. Post-surgical rehabilitation:  ACL, meniscus, hip and knee replacement, postnatal
  5. Pain management programs, including accidents, combat, and sports injuries
  6. Scoliosis and other spinal deformities, including degenerative or herniated disks
  7. Psychological: May reduce anxiety & PMS emotions. May increase mental clarity
  8. Sleep problems

People who respond to AquaStretch™ usually experience significant pain relief and/or restored flexibility in their first session.  Because AquaStretch™ seems to be immediate and create relatively permanent changes in the soft tissue, most people only need intermittent sessions to maintain their health improvements.

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