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Using the pool for wellness and self-care | Part 1

To start 2020 off to a good start we are featuring a blog post from the lovely Jo Ball about our water fitness sessions. Thank you Jo for letting us share it here 🙂

January is sometimes a tricky month. After the joys of Christmas and New Year, it can feel incredibly long, truly entrenched in the winter weather and dark mornings coupled with early evenings can mean we feel sluggish and unmotivated.

So this January, the beginning of a new year, indeed a whole new decade, it’s time to prioritise you.  We spend Christmas giving to others and now is the time to reel it back in –   In order to be the best parent, colleague, friend, you need to start with being the best you.

2020 is a great time to start new things, try new things. Build new routines and new priorities.  Why not build in fun, sociable exercise into your wellness regime for 2020?

We offer 4 different Aquatic Fitness classes – there is one for everyone!

Aqua4Life – Tuesday’s & Fridays @ Woolland

Aqua4Rehab – Thursday’s @ Gorcombe 

Aqua4Hiit – Fridays @ Milton Abbey

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