We Don’t Just Hand Out Badges…

Much like many other leisure activities, swimming comes with a whole lot of different badges which swimmers can earn through achievement.

A full run down of the badges available through the STA can be found on their website.

Badges are important for keeping track of where swimmers are in their learning but they are not a means to an end. A badge is a symbol that a child has achieved something, but all the actual learning and personal progress goes before.

The end goal is the learning, not the badge, and that is why we at Just Add Water make sure a swimmer really earns a badge before awarding it to them. We don’t have a day where everyone earns a badge just because they turn up. The journey along the way is more important than the destination.

Our three part award system ensures that if a swimmer achieves a badge then they have been shown the skill, have shown that they are able to perform the skill repeatedly, and finally have the ability to confidently use their skill in different situations and contexts.

This helps us avoid situations where a swimmer might have been able to do something once but struggle with a skill in the future. It helps the swimmers know that if they have been awarded a badge then they have our total confidence in the future.

We like giving out awards but we get far more satisfaction from seeing a swimmer who truly learns something new!

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