Goggles! More to them than meets the eye…

Swimming goggles seem so simple; you put them on, you go under water! Only in reality, the wearing of goggles is a bit more complicated than that…

For instance, doesn’t it make sense for the youngest children to wear goggles to increase their underwater confidence?


This is actually counter productive and the wrong way round for teaching. It is important to start by making sure a child is comfortable having water on their face and being splashed before introducing goggles.

Actual confidence > False confidence.

If a child were to fall in a river or lake (for instance) there will not be time to apply goggles and they need to be able to swim themselves to safety without them.

The worst case scenario is that a badly fitted pair of goggles comes off or leaks underwater and that then becomes a child’s first experience of having water in their eyes. You couldn’t blame them for panicking in such a situation.

Speaking of badly fitted goggles, a badly fitted or awkwardly adjusted pair of goggles can be a massive time waster in lessons. We ask children who are constantly adjusting and removing goggles to take them off entirely as it doesn’t help anyone.

From the child’s point of view a badly fitted pair of goggles can lose their air tight seal at inconvenient moments which is a distraction and can also in some cases cause eye injuries.

At Just Add Water, children who are constantly having to adjust their goggles or those who cannot demonstrate that they know how to wear them safely will be asked to remove them. Parents are encouraged to teach the children to do this themselves rather than do it for them. Much like our earlier point about needing to have the confidence to swim underwater when goggles are not available, children need to have the know-how and confidence to adjust their goggles correctly when their parents are not around.

This is just scratching the surface of goggle related issues but hopefully you can see why we take getting the correct pair of goggles seriously!

Please get in touch if you have any question as we are always happy to give advice!

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