Water Safety Week Roundup

Water Safety Week is over for this year and we wanted to say thank you to everyone who took part with us and that we hope some valuable lessons were learned amidst the fun!

It can’t be overemphasised how important water safety is. The Swimming Teachers Association place a lot of emphasis on it for good reason and have produced the following video with Doing It For Dylan to further highlight the issue:

By raising awareness, tragic accidents can be avoided in the future.

We also recommend this water safety booklet which covers the issue very well.

If you ever have any questions about water safety please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!

The importance of free play sessions

At Just Add Water we are very committed to teaching the children in our classes to be better all round swimmers – as you would expect from a swim school!

We teach them new strokes, new techniques, how to breathe properly when swimming, and everything else which goes along with swimming lessons.

But teaching isn’t everything. Free play is important too. The children are in our lessons to learn but they are also children and free play is an integral part of the learning process.

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The Big School Swim 2016!

On the 28th April – this Thursday – we are delighted to be taking part in the Big School Swim with Milborne St. Andrew School!

The Year 4 pupils at Milborne will be joining primary schools across the country in a range of water based activities including a special swimming lesson. Swimming has been taught to children in schools for over 100 years and we at Just Add Water are delighted to be able to do our small part in carrying this on.

Maria from Just Add Water, said “we teach swimming all year round but events like the Big School Swim are very important to us as they help to raise awareness of swimming and get children excited about learning. We are really looking forward to the Big School Swim and hope the Year 4’s at Milborne are as well!”

Swimming is not just an important life skill, it is a great way for children to stay fit and healthy whilst having fun at the same time. It is also just the right level of challenging – difficult, but very rewarding, and an activity which can be tailored to each individual child’s needs and ability level.

We are hoping to reach children who don’t yet know how much fun swimming is and inspire them!

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Our new Junior Lifeguard Academy


In January we are delighted to be launching our Junior Lifeguard Academy programme and we want to tell you a bit more about it beforehand.

It is designed for children from 8 years and up who can swim at least 50m unaided (for the aquatic sections!). We will be teaching them key lifeguarding and first aid skills as well as general sports skills, snorkelling, ocean awareness and much more. All of this will aid in your child’s health and wellbeing as well as equipping them with important life skills – Can there ever be too many people trained in lifeguarding and first aid?

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