Staying in contact with you – especially in emergencies….

We use as many methods as possible to get timely and accurate information about our swim school and your lessons to you should there be any changes or new info. The recent bad weather issues, pool closures and staff illness leading to lessons postponements really meant that we had to be able to get updates to you quickly – and often at the last minute. I am delighted to say that in the main this worked really well!

Our first port of call will be to update our Facebook page.  If you are on Facebook please like our page HERE and interact with us regularly on that page to make sure that you get all of the status updates that we post.  This is the way Facebook works – If you interact with us by liking, sharing or commenting on our posts then you get more of our posts in your newsfeed.  If you do not interact with a Facebook page, then you become one of the 95% of likers / followers that do not get the feeds from your pages thanks to their algorithm!

Then we update our website HOMEPAGE – – with any news and changes we have to announce.  Our website is also updated regularly with news, term timetables, blog info, FAQs and other information about being part of our swim school that you may find interesting and informative.  Please check it regularly for updates.

Emails / newsletters.  A direct form of contact that is used by us frequently but we know that not all of our swimmers / families use it. If you like to sign up, please send an email to and we will add you to the list!

We also use Twitter – Follow us here: @justaddwaterMT.

WhatsApp is a great way for you to stay in touch with me using my mobile number 07721 011461.  Go ahead and find me, make a connection and then I will know that you are happy to be contacted that way.

Text messaging is the hardest one for me to use on a day to day basis at the moment.  I am looking into ways to make this easier but as the mobile phone coverage is so poor where I am – and also where many of you live – I am never sure if this is the most reliable way of making contact.  Tell me what you think!

Staying in touch with you is so important to us and I am always happy to talk with you directly, either on the phone or by any other method that works for you. Conversations on poolside can be difficult as there is little time as we are concentrating on the lesson to come! So please do feel free to make contact in any other way and I will respond to you as quickly as possible.

Please remember that when we are at poolside, in the water or especially at The Abbey we are OUT OF CONTACT totally.  There is no mobile phone or internet coverage there and we are often on site for many hours prior to your lesson time.  Because of this I tend to only receive your messages after I get back into service.  But continue to let me know if you are unable to attend lessons for any reason so that I know not to worry about you and that you are safe ☺

– Maria

Sound the Octo Alert!

We had lots of fun and games this week with the launch of our new Octonauts reward badges and certificates.  They went down an absolute storm ‘…B had so much fun and had not realised how much she had learnt over the weeks. She is very pleased with her badge- a great lesson, thanks!’

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Swim teacher helping to ‘move mountains’.

Kingsbere Explorer Scouts in Kenya

COOK BOOKS FOR SALE – an idea for Christmas?

Next July one of our lovely swim teachers Grace Ritchie with her brother Will Ritchie will be spending a month in Kenya with Kingsbere Explorer Scouts. During their time in Kenya they will assist in a charity based community project as part of the work undertaken by the ‘Moving Mountains Trust’ which provides financial aid and support to many remote and impoverished communities around the world. In order to help with this community project.

The Scout group need to raise money and have put together a very special recipe book with contributions from those going to Kenya, their families and friends. I’m hoping some of you might be interested in owning this lovely little book and they are asking for a minimum donation of £5 to secure a copy. Please message us here at Just Add Water if you are interested or would like more information.

Many thanks xxxx on behalf of Grace and Will

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Milborne School year 3’s


What an amazing and, frankly, brilliant and heartwarming start.

Last week we held our initial assessment session of the new cohort of Milborne School year 3’s for their school swimming lessons – and this week our first lesson proper.  Of course all went really well and already we are seeing improvement in the confidence and ability of some of the swimmers. Continue reading “Milborne School year 3’s”


Leading the way in sector development

I had the pleasure of attending the #STAconference2016 over the weekend to catch up with colleagues from all over the country – and to learn more about all of the fabulous developments coming for not only swimmers with STA swim schools such as Just Add Water, but also for us as professional swimming teachers.  The STA has always had very high standards for its training of teachers and delivery of its courses but these new developments take this to a whole new level. Continue reading “#STAconference2016”

Water Safety Week Roundup

Water Safety Week is over for this year and we wanted to say thank you to everyone who took part with us and that we hope some valuable lessons were learned amidst the fun!

It can’t be overemphasised how important water safety is. The Swimming Teachers Association place a lot of emphasis on it for good reason and have produced the following video with Doing It For Dylan to further highlight the issue:

By raising awareness, tragic accidents can be avoided in the future.

We also recommend this water safety booklet which covers the issue very well.

If you ever have any questions about water safety please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!

Water Safety Week 2016 – Wordsearch

Water Safety Week 2016 is coming to a close and we would like to thank you all for joining us and helping to raise awareness of this vital issue so far.

Water safety is a vital issue and one which needs constant vigilance. If you ever have any doubts or questions please don’t hesitate to speak up and ask either online or in person. This really is a case where having the correct knowledge could make all the difference!

In the meantime, we have a water safety wordsearch for you!

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